The first bikini with a transformable top - coming soon!


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The Hawaikini top consists of two pieces: a strapless top with a buckle and a second piece
that can be fastened to it by three small snap hooks.

The Hawaikini Prototype

Hawaikini front view - Hawaikini perspective - Hawaikini back view - Hawaikini disassembled

„The X-kini Prototype“(„Der Prototyp des X-kini“) „bikiniperspective“: „Perspective“(„Perspektive“)„bikiniassambledpost“: „Back view“(“Rückansicht" bikinidisassambled“: “X-kini disassembled


Hawaikini second piece spread out

bikinisecondpiece“: “X-kini second piece spread out



Hawaikini in the news:




Patents: EU Community Design granted(No 002074435-0002, registred 16/07/2012),US-Design Patent pending (Application number:29/431,176,Filing date:09/04/2012)
Patente:Gemeinschaftsgeschmacksmuster erteilt (No 002074435-0002, registriert 16/07/2012), US-Designpatent beantragt (Antragsnummer: 29/431,176, Antragsdatum:09/04/2012)

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